The ultimate option

At MasterSource we know product sourcing. We expertly find the manufacturer or supplier of the product you are looking for and procure your items quickly, efficiently, and economically. We are professionals at searching the globe to discover the right products at the best prices. With over 10 years of solid service, we are experts in sourcing hard to find items, automotive parts, personal items, and full manufacturing products.

The cost-effectiveness of direct to customer service is what makes us the ultimate option for your purchasing needs. How it works:

1. Visit Mastersource online or at the MasterSource Fulfillment Center

2. Choose from products which were previously sourced or inform the CSR at the outlet of your particular product interest. Opt for one-off service or premium subscription. All at you convenience

3. Receive your Estimate including total cost and personal delivery options.

4. Pay for you item from two options: Online with Paypal or In-Store with Cash, Debit or Credit Card

5. Receive your order immediately (based on availability). Stay informed on the progress of your, from order to delivery.

6. Item will be delivered at you choice of location or can be collected at the MasterSource Fulfillment Center.

We guarantee complete satisfaction with every order and we stand behind every sale. Our commitment to detail ensures that you are always treated as the main priority. We offer FREE after sales support and a 30 DAY RETURN GUARANTEE. We're not satisfied unless you are satisfied with your purchase. This enviable position allows us to leverage excellent deals on behalf of our customers. Through global sourcing we are able to provide the most innovative products at excellent prices.

By choosing us you truly harness the potential to save you costs and manage your time, and we all know that time is money. We source your products at the best price and pass the cost savings, up to 50% directly to you.

We also offer product research for you and deliver you samples for approval and competitive pricing. This is a feature offered usually exclusively to our partnering companies and affiliates. It is extended to you as a My MasterSource account holders.

We understand that sourcing products of the right quality and ensuring they are delivered to customers quickly and efficiently can be difficult. Our extensive experience gives us the ability meet your exacting standards.


Personal Shopping : The only way to shop

The MasterSource Personal Shopping Service is a select service available exclusively at MasterSource. Orders are placed by appointment only.

Pursue your daily routine and relax as our expert personal shoppers fulfils your every shopping desire, based on their knowledge of key brands and trends in fashion and household items. Whether you’re seeking style advice for a complete wardrobe makeover, a trendy renewal of your household or assistance with everyday requests, the MasterSource Personal Shopping Service is simply the ultimate way to shop.