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Brand: Synchrotech / M Factory
Style Code:  SYN101
First source date: October 23 2015
Availability: Backorder (Delivered in 5-7 days)
Product dimensions: 3 x 6 x 6 inches
Shipping weight: 3 lbs

Our Price: $3,275.00 TT ($509.33 USD) img

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Synchrotech® 1-5 Pro Series Carbon Synchro Set

  • Carbon Composite Lining            

  • Stronger Brass Body 

  • Improved Lock Angle         

  • More Surface Contact

  • Stronger Bonding               

  • Improved Oiling 

    Fitting B Series 92-01 GSR ITR B16 (Y80 S80 S4C S21 Y21 YS1 B16 B17 B18C)

Gearbox Y80 ; S80 ; S4C ; S21 ; Y21 ; YS1 ; B16 ; B17 ; B18C
This Part fits the following vehicle: Honda Civic ; Honda Integra