MasterSource Fulfillment Center:


Port of Spain (Main Outlet)

Quynton Gooding - Manager


Arima (Satellite outlet)

Thora Durham - Manager


Miami (Virtual outlet)

MasterSource first started out as the merchandise desk at our affiliate, Akinde Project's live entertainment showcases and workshops. Always desirous of helping, we started selling a wide variety of new and pre-owned items that family and friends asked to be placed upon the desk. This soon became an focused enterprise, driven by direct sourcing of local and international products in a greater effort to assist others in obtaining their every desire. Our involvement in motorsports swiftly afforded many of our customers to find solutions for hard to find auto parts or better pricing options through sourcing with us.

To date MasterSource currently has three (3) outlets offering fulfillment services to its ever expanding customer base. Each MasterSource Fulfillment Center serves the community in which it is located with the hope of building the area one person at a time. As the retail department of Akinde Project Co. we strive to truly make the world a better place, promoting truth, love and community as a force for good.

MasterSource stands as a young but rapidly growing gateway with honesty, service and transparency as our keys to success. We're sure there's something for you at MasterSource.

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